This game is made by a GDevelop newbie I started learning by creating this game, so in 10 days I didn’t create this game, I learned to create a game in GDevelop! It was a fun experience I learned so much that in a day I created my extension. I don’t expect people to like this game it has so many missing pieces such as:

  • only 2 levels
  • movement force has to be fixed
  • Placeholder graphics
  • Much more…

Am I sad that I didn’t have time to complete this? 

Nope! I learned a lot and it was fun so I’m happy with what I’ve been through.


- [w] or [UP] to jump

- [a] / [d] or [LEFT] / [RIGHT] to Walk

- [SPACE] to Switch building mode

- Use mouse to place items.


Can't stay on circle dots! Only for holding bridges. 

Circles stick to the screen, but bridges have gravity! 


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Very cool concept to switch modes! I'm not sure what to do when my inventory both has "0", and clicking doesn't seem to do anything.


Amazing game! Rated.